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Prima Chain Link

Prima Chainlink Fencing can be custom fitted to BS 1722 Parts 1 & 10 where required. We keep a range of heights and specification in stock – including full galvanised metal or green/black/silver pvc coated and plain core wire fencing.

Sampson & Partners are suppliers of line wire, straining posts, steel and concrete fence posts up to 2m high with straight top or 45 degree cranked arm posts for barbed wire.

Standard specification:

  • Galvanised wire: 2.5mm & 3mm bight core
  • Coated Wire: Green or black 315/2.24mm & 355/2.50mm
  • Aperture: 50m x 50mm
  • Finish: Galvanised & PVC Green/Black
  • Heights: 900m, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm & 2700mm
  • Length: Supplied in 12.5m or 25m rolls
  • Weight: 42kg – 206kg depending length/height

Example of Prima Chain Link Wire Fencing

Chain Link Concrete Fence Posts

Chain Link Fence Fastners

Chain Link Rolls

Chainlink Fence

Chain Link with Barbed Wire

About Prima Chain Link

Prima chainlink fencing is a cheap form of boundary fencing it is particularly cost-effective if installed in long straight runs as each straining post will add to the cost due to the fittings and labour involved. However Prima Single Bar Mesh

Sampson and Partners Fencing can supply and install all types of chainlink including high security part 10 buried with any topping required.”

Chain link is fitted to metal, wooden or concrete posts.


Ensure you tell us the height and number of metres required. Upload images of the areas and/or site plans, even a hand drawn layout sketch will do.