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With the increase in the number of people cycling spurred on by housing and transport policies promoting greener forms of transport, the need for parking and storing bikes has grown exponentially in recent years. Whilst all new builds have to have an element of bike storage, existing building are increasing their requirements for cycle storage.

Bikes Racks come in many forms and can be fixed to any of our storage solutions either concreted or bolted into the ground.

  • Sheffield Bike Stand Standard specification, 48.3mm tube Singular or in a toast rack
  • High-Low Racks 
  • Wall Racks
  • Double Racks
  • Semi vertical Racks

Various Cycle Storage & Racks




Semi vertical

Wall Fixed

Prima Cycle Racks & Shelters

Cycle stands come in all shapes and sizes, for individual cycles or in a rack for multiple storage. The most common stand known as a Sheffield, is a tubular rail in a U shape for one or two bikes. This can be galvanised, powder coated any standard RAL colour or stainless steel. All individual bike stands can either be concreted into ground or come with base plates for bolting to a concrete surface.

A line of Sheffield style stands are connected and bolted down in a row, this is called a ‘toast rack’. Other stands can be wall fixed for front or rear wheel padlocking, although this type is not secure unless the padlock also wraps around the frame of the bike.

Multiple bike stands are required for all new build flats and apartments. In these areas space is often limited, so vertical or semi-vertical cycle racks are a high priority. The stands come piece meal and are installed on site with adjoining rows for a minimum of 4 cycles and a maximum of 10 in one rack. Manufactured from aluminum and bolted together, they can also include a aluminum roof saving cost on having a separate cycle store.


Ensure you tell us the height and number of metres required. Upload images of the areas and/or site plans, even a hand drawn layout sketch will do.