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Prima Security Spikes

Prima Rota Spike Anti-Climb wall and fence guard is a safe, and legal alternative to razor wire or broken glass – and conforms to safety standards and common law use as a security measure.

Standard specification:

  • Classification: BS6082 T4
  • Size:: OD 31.75mm x 2.5mm / Support Dimensions: 40mm x 8mm (assembled elements: approx 400mm.)
  • Weight: 0.173Kg each
  • Colours : Natural and Polyester colour coated
  • Spindle: Extruded round tube to BS1471: 1986 (BS6082) / OD: 1 inch x 14 gauge (25mm x 2mm)
  • Material: Mild/Soft steel or alloy double drilled to take M8 fixing bolts.
  • Finish: As required, such as natural painted, coated or galvanized.

Rotating Security Spikes

Anti-Cimb Wall Spikes

Anti-Climb fence spikes

Metal Security Spikes

Steel Razor Spikes

About Prima Wall/Fence Spikes

Prima Spikes are quality Vandgard standard anti-climb spikes fitted to the top of walls, gates, palisade fencing and other locations in horizontal and vertical arrays.

Each row of Prima anti-climb spikes have a max span of 2m. Brackets are bolted to walls, roofs, gates, fences or towers and can receive M8 fasteners using pliers or mole grips to secure and insert in the spigot.

Prima Spikes offer commercial and industrial locations, public and price car parks, private residences, schools and local authority areas a defence against intruders.

Prima Anti-Climb spikes are a durable, long lasting (non-corroding) high tensile alloy.


Ensure you tell us the height and number of metres required. Upload images of the areas and/or site plans, even a hand drawn layout sketch will do.