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Prima W Section Palisade


The W Section creates a formidable deterrent to would be intruders. Palisade metal fencing standard spec is a triple pointed splayed spike top pale and is the most common fencing used on industrial estates. Medium/High security conforms to BS 1722-12 Can be upgraded to LPS 1175 SR2 & SR3

Standard specification:

  • W section Pales Rounded and Notched or Triple Pointed Top
  • 102×44mm or 100x55mm posts
  • 45x45x6mm with feet or 50x50x6mm horizontal rails without
  • 8mm galvanised T- head bolt with permacone type nuts.

Prima W Section Palisade

2mm W Galv Palisade

2mm W slope

Black RAL 9005

galv W section tpt

W section green RAL 6005

About Prima W Section Palisade

W Section Steel Palisade fencing is considered the most secure fencing for any industrial or commercial premises. However weldmesh fencing is now cheaper per metre but if you want higher security Prima 358 Mesh is on a par with metal palisade fencing.

One major advantage of steel palisade is that it can follow the ground up to a 12% gradient so more adverse ground conditions are accommodated without the need for stepping.

Steel metal palisade fencing is delivered non-assembled and is installed on-site. Posts are set at 2.75m centres and either concreted into ground or bolted to a concrete base with a base plate holed four times by either resin anchoring or rawl bolting.


Ensure you tell us the height and number of metres required. Upload images of the areas and/or site plans, even a hand drawn layout sketch will do.