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SPF8000 Rising Kerb

The SPF800 Rising kerb is an effective way to restrict access and ensure that vehicles can only pass once the kerb is lowered. The kerb can be integrated into an existing system or we can provide other forms of access control such as fob entry, proximity cards, keypad or a token system.

Standard specification:

  • Automatic Kerb Specification: CE approved
  • Product description: Hydraulic operation
  • Manufactured from welded rectangular hollow section frame and durbar top plate
  • Galvanised steel. Emergency lower incorporated as standard
  • Power requirement: Single phase 230v or 3 phase 400v
  • Height: 340mm or 500mm or 800mm
  • Length: Available in half-width sizes from 2 – 5 metres
  • Weight capacity: Maximum 12 tonnes on standard kerbs (Higher capacities available on request)
  • Operation time: 4.0 – 6.0 secs (dependant on version)
  • Finish: Galvanised & painted in yellow and black (high visibility)

Example of Prima Rising Kerbs

Below Surface Security Barrier

Metal Rising Barrier

Rising Kerb Access Control

Rising Kerb (with stop/go lights)

Stop/Go Lights

About Prima Raised Kerbs

In high security environments, raising kerbs can be installed in an airlock situation whereby the barrier must be raised behind the vehicle before an automated gate will then open into the site.

In low security settings they can be used to ensure vehicles do not enter or exit an area, commonly used in car parks and released on a token system.

We can supply or supply and install the kerb nationwide. For supply only we will provide full ground work drawings for the foundation required.


Ensure you tell us the height and number of metres required. Upload images of the areas and/or site plans, even a hand drawn layout sketch will do.